DAVID ROSSI - Enjoy Vacations Blogger : 'Finding Batman'

DAVID ROSSI - Enjoy Vacations Blogger : 'Finding Batman'

June 15, 2021

Speed. We are sometimes going so fast that we can miss so much. We can be rushing for the next run, the next lap or the next chair and we can go right by something wonderful or unique. We are going so fast, caught up in the joy and adrenaline that we may miss the amazing.

It could be a once in a lifetime moment and it can be gone in an instant if we are not paying attention.

“If you don’t look- you won’t find.”

It takes space to look and space to stop. It takes patience to seek and time to see.  If we take time to stop we may see a whole different side of the hill. We may notice animal tracks in the trees, diffused lighting in the forest, hues of blue in the snow and an infinite variety of greens, blacks and whites.

Sometimes we might even find Batman.

Skiing Blackjack at Big White, a run I’d skied a hundred times, I slowed down.
Instead of bombing the run I stopped at different pitches along the way. I stayed on the edges going slowly and really looking at the variety of scenes from the texture of the snow, the moss on the trees and the unlimited lines. At the bottom of a pitch I found a Batman sign attached to a rock. I looked around carefully. Was the masked crusader hiding nearby? Was his Bat Cave under the rock? Where was Robin?

As I stood there puzzling at the sign a beautiful ski patroller skied towards me.
When she stopped I asked her if she had seen Batman. Shaking her head she said that she had not seen the sign before either. We both marveled that we could ski a run multiple times and find new wonders at each turn.

“It is good to have an end to journey towards; but it is the journey that matters in
the end.”

With your coat pulled up over your chin and peering through your goggles you
intently view the offerings all around you.  Sliding off the chair you hurriedly move toward your destination without stopping to really appreciate the apex of the ride.

We can miss savoring that moment of wonder before we slide forward, too intent on reaching our goal and overshadowing our reason for being there in the first place.

Slow down. When you are moving try to keep your head up and see the whole run.

Look forward into the trees and find untouched snow and perfect lines. Stop
periodically and breathe. Really appreciate that last section that felt so good. It’s like a unique flavor in you mouth- sometimes its better to hold on to the taste before going on to the next bite. Savour the moment- they are gone so quickly- don’t waste them thinking of the next run or turn before the current one is over.

Take time to really see the hill and all the undulations and terrain subtleties. Look
closely at the geology and the rock formations in all their different textures and
colours. Take a deep breath and feel the cold mountain air fill you. Marvell at the
snow covered trees and the texture of the snow. Feel the cold prickle of frost on
your cheek. Stop and embrace the whole experience.

Skiing/riding then becomes more than just an activity it becomes a pursuit of
perfection. It can be felt at that moment between turns, cresting a hump or dropping in. It could be experienced when you take in the mountain scenery or see that perfect fall line. It could the feeling of sitting down to a steaming hot chocolate and the warmth of family or friends. It could be that moment of pure weightlessness - that moment when you are free.

That perfect moment is now. You just have to feel it; you just have to be it. And if you look really hard you might even find Batman.