The Very Best Spas in Whistler

Whistler Mountain Spas

June 07, 2021

When one thinks of Whistler, they often conjure up mental images of snow filled mountain adventures and meandering the bustling village. But as the busyness of our lives seems to build, locals and visitors alike are trying to find a better sense of balance and harmony within the warm and relaxing walls of the best spas in Whistler. Here is a thorough Whistler Spa Guide.

1. The Star of Spas: Scandinave Spa

Scandinavian Spa Whistler

One of the most sought after spa experiences, definitely worthy of top of the list for the best Whistler spas is the famous Scandinave Spa. Situated along the edge of Lost Lake and engulfed in a peaceful forest, the Scandinave Spa is home to the invigorating, rejuvenating experience of traditional Scandinavian Baths.
This energizing yet relaxing three-stage style of hydrotherapy consists of immersing the body in alternating hot and cold waters. While some people cringe at the idea of an ice bath, the many health benefits such as stimulating circulation, reducing inflammation and boosting your immune system might help you take the cold plunge.

Whistler Top Spas

The Scandinave Spa also offers many ways to warm up, including a traditional Finnish sauna, which delivers relaxing benefits of a wood fueled sweat session. Or, opt for tranquil hot baths, a state of the art eucalyptus steam room or a soothing thermal waterfall in the picturesque peace of their outdoor spa environment.
The full experience includes a calming massage and since every body has different needs, they have everything from Swedish relaxation to the realigning benefits of deep tissue work or the tension releasing Thai Yoga massage.

Romantic travelers are encouraged to sign up for the Scandinave Spa duo massage and spa package to enjoy a little together time in a serene and dreamy atmosphere. Be sure to experience the on site Scandinave Café that offers light lunches, snacks, bars and locally handcrafted teas.

2. Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa (Summit Lodge)

Best Spas in Whistler BCTaman Sari Royal Heritage Spa

The only authentic Javanese spa in North America, the Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa brings unique ancient Royal Indonesian practices into a modern day market.
Staffed by Indonesian trained therapists they offer a variety of soothing body treatments and massages, often including the use of thermal, herbal and aromatherapy such as Jamu, a traditional Indonesian herbal medicine that sets their practices apart from most of the Western world.
Try one of their authentic body treatments such as the Javanese Deep & Firm or the Pramesware Queen Massage, both steeped in century old traditions that were used among the Javanese Royalty.
The spa offers numerous esthetic treatments focused on soothing, rejuvenating body scrubs. Don’t pass up the Balinese Boreh Body Mask as a great way to recover from a day on the hill and rebalance your core temperatures. It is undoubtedly one of the most unique spas in Whistler.

3. Avello Spa & Health Club (Westin)

Spa Health Club
Avello Spa Whistler

The Avello Spa & Health Club offers over 70 relaxing and rejuvenating treatments; and has long been considered one of the most comprehensive resort spas, meaning they truly have something for everyone.
Perhaps their most unique offering is the Thai Herbal Stem Massage in which traditional herbs and oils are wrapped in an unbleached cotton cloth and then tied to a stem. The bundle is then steamed, allowing the healing properties of the contents to be warmed and released.
The herb and oil mixture is then massage into the skin and absorbed through the epidermis to aid in healing and restoring any ailments you may have. Easily, Avello Spa makes it to top 3 spas in Whistler.

4. The Spa at Fours Seasons

Spas in Whistler BC

The Spa at Four Seasons is one of the largest and most luxurious retreats on our best spas in Whistler list. Offerings include classics such as hot stone, deep tissue and Swedish relaxation and eastern alternatives like Reflexology, Shiatsu and Reiki, but the real glory lies in their signature, locally sourced experiences.
Their BC glacial clays, river rocks, algae and seaweeds are largely locally harvested and thoughtfully incorporated into their treatment mainstays. A visitor’s favorite, the Four Seasons Whistler treatment includes Canadian maple syrup and brown sugar body scrub, followed by a nourishing warm clay and algae wrap.
For those always on the move, slow down and enjoy the peppermint infused Après Ski experience focused on rejuvenating and restoring your sore and tired lower limbs.

5. Vida Wellness Spa (Chateau Fairmont)

Vida Spa

One of the oldest spas in Whistler, Vida embraces the ancient practices of Ayurvedic medicine, one of the worlds oldest holistic healing systems. The spa host over 15 treatment rooms with plenty of space for couples and small group retreats.
One of their most unique offerings is the Swedana meaning to sweat. Following a relaxing Ayurvedic massage; you are cocooned in a West Coast cedar steam cabinet. Therapists add herbal remedies to enhance your energy alignment as well as apply cold cloths and offer sips of water to help you endure the heat and stay hydrated.
After the steam, you are sprinkled with flour to absorb the oils, sweat and toxins and then dry brushed to remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin clean and luminescent.

6. Whistler Day Spa

massage spa whistler

The sensitive skin on our face is often exposed to the suns rays for lengthy periods of time without us giving it a second thought. The Whistler Day Spa specializes in rejuvenating facials to treat your skin care concerns and get you back to your best feeling you.
They have an extensive manicure and pedicure offering as well, soothing those sore, achy muscles from life on the go and fun on the hill. Not just for the ladies, these luxury pedicures help remove calluses and lessen tension for everyone’s tootsies.
The Whistler Day Spa offers classic massage options as well as signature treatments such as the Mountain Recovery Massage, incorporating the healing benefits of China Gel, a topical pain reliever perfect for use after a day of outdoor activities.

7. Nita Lake Lodge Spa

Lake Lodge Spa

A serene lakeside setting makes Nita Lake a natural fit for their sustainability focused spa experience and a definite must visit on our list of the best spas in Whistler.
Alongside the traditional spa offerings like hot stone, deep tissue and body focused wraps and scrubs; the Nita Lake Spa goes beyond to include naturopathic services such as acupuncture, intravenous vitamin therapy and intramuscular injections. Not your typical day at the spa.
Following your individual or group treatment, unwind in their peaceful rooftop hot tubs, eucalyptus steam room or relaxation lounge.

8. West Coast Float

Sensory Tank Spa

Sensory deprivation isn’t always the first thing to come to mind when you think of a visit to the spa, but this quiet, dark, seemingly weightless experience is growing in popularity and making its way into peoples regular health and wellness routines.
If you aren’t aware of the world of floating, or sensory deprivation, do yourself a favor and get googling, there is a lot to be explored and it’s definitely worth a go. The modern spa infused experience of the West Coast Float offers private rooms with floating pods containing about 10 inches of water and 800lbs of Epson salts, the ultimate for mind and body relaxation.
They also offer a Float Cabin and a Float pool for those with want a new spin on traditional float chambers, or with space concealment issues.

Whatever your essence, allow Enjoy Vacations and the Whistler Spa community to help you restore that every important balance of relaxation to your everyday. After all, self-care should never take a holiday!