About Us

We are a small Canadian company that started out selling lift tickets and some hotel and lift ticket package specials to locals.
As our relationships with the local ski resorts and hotels have matured, we have been able to offer increasingly good deals.
Also, because we are a small company, we have been willing to take the time to have calendar specific pricing that a lot of bigger companies simply cannot be bothered to attend to.
This means that if there is a week in October that business is particularly slow for a certain hotel or mountain, we can get you a significant discount.
Just check in regularly with our website or sign up for updates.
Finally, our fearless leader Rene Casas-Cordero also owns a wholesaling tourism business that deals with Europeans, and so can get even more dramatically notable rates on occasion.
In short, if you want to take the family for a few nights skiing and stay in a reputable hotel in Whistler or Banff or Panorama, we’d be surprised if you could find better rates.
The Enjoy Vacations Team                                                     
Rene Casas-Cordero, Gary Bains, Grant Wedel